b-source offers efficient and versatile outsourcing. Everyone of our team members is an absolute pro in their specialty. This way, b-source guarantees outsourcing through technicians who know their stuff, who have nerves made of steel and who will compliment your own staff right away.


Meet our technicians and engineers below.


  • Panel builder electricians

    Our panel builder electricians are real know-it-alls. Working with electrical schemes, these technicians are responsible for the assembly and cabeling of electrical control panels. Their job? Installing every single part and electrical component, cablesand carrier of the panel. Finally, our panel builder electricians are responsible for the testing and complete workmanship of the panel.

  • Industrial technicians

    Our industrial technicians are responsible for installing electrical and industrial installations, whether you're building new infrastructure, or renovating and expanding existing processes. Using your or our electrical plans, you can count on them for the implementation of carrier systems, (field) cables and switchboards.

  • Residential electrician

    Even for residential projects, our technicians are the best bang for your buck. They help you draw electrical plans, implement residential electrical structures in housing projects and advise you how you can ecologically optimize your domestic electricity. 

  • Welders

    Our welders are the ones keeping everything together, literally. Ask them for any type of MIG, TIG and electrode welding based on your or our plans.

  • Machine technicians

    Our machine technicians are real handy men. Hire them to assemble specific and delicate mechanical machinery, from cabling to the buildup of extended production lines based on mechanical plans and electrical schemes.

  • Maintenance technicians

    Our maintenance technicians are specialized in tracing even the smallest malfunctions and errors in machines and installations. This way, they help you maintain regulated technical processes and reduce downtime. They carry out preventive and curative maintenance before solving any possible problems themselves. Talk about two birds with one stone!

  • Failure Analysis Technician (FAT)

    If you've never worked with our maintenance technicians, chances are you might need one of our failure analysis technicians. They're real blood hounds when it comes to tracing malfunctions. Subsequently, they determine which repairs are needed and after the implementation, they extensively test the results. This way, they guarantee optimized and durable solutions.

  • Assistant technician

    Our assistant technician is an enthusiastic and cost efficient addition to every deployable team at b-source. With the required certificates but slightly less experience than their colleagues, these echnicians assist in performing simple or repetitive tasks under the watchful eye of a seasoned b-source technician.

    Given their junior profile, our assistance technicians can be deployed at an advantageous rate.


  • Project Manager

    Are you lacking the capacity, time or material resources to manage your project and its different subcontractors? Our Project Managers take care of you project with an all-in approach, stakeholder management of your contractors AND according to your timeline and budget.

  • Maintenance Engineer

    Maintenance is a key factor in the lifecycle of your equiment and installations and in reducing downtime. Our Maintenance Engineers are responsible for corrective maintenance of your machinery. They schedule maintenance and indicate where improvements and corrections are needed. Subsequently, our Maintenance Engineers brief this information to our maintenance technicians for further execution.

  • Mechanical Engineer

    Our Mechanical Engineers live by the First Time Right Design principle to optimize your projects. Based on their 2D- of 3D designs, they improve your machinery to fasten and extend production processes and reduce downtime.

  • Electrical Engineer

    Our Electrical Engineers build elextrical plans using software like EPlan en SEE Electrical. With an extensive experience in their sector, they conceptualize multiple electrical pannels and installations. Moreover, you can deploy them as project managers for your electrical expansions and corrections. Our Electrical Engineers can work both in the b-source office or within your team.

An all-in, first-time-right solution

Are you looking for a reliabe partner for the subcontracting and/or execution of your industrial project?

S-Technix is our partner specialized in electrotechnical outsourcing and project development. For mechanical, industrial or residential electrical engineering, you can rely on our innovative approach and years of international experience.

Discover S-Technix

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