Safety First

When you choose outsourcing, you don’t want to end up with more troubles than the ones you started with. That’s why at b-source, we take Safety First to the next level. Prevention is at the top of our list so you no longer need to worry about the safety of your site, installation and employees.

In addition to a briefing with quality and safety instructions, our technicians receive personal protective equipment to minimize risks in the workplace. Our teams use an integrated safety policy and safety management system to manage site hazards and minimize risk of accidents. With every project, we pride ourselves in the promise that our technicians can safely carry out their assignments without losing sight of the quality of their work.

We consider knowledge about safety, health and risks in the workplace at least as important as technical knowledge about the execution of the assignment. Our VCA certified approach is therefore embedded in everything we do. Every year our company and work locations are thoroughly screened by an external inspection. All our BA4 / 5 skilled employees have a VCA certification on top of a certificate for the use of a forklift truck and aerial work platform. Our engineers all have VCA VOL certificates. In other words, safety is a no-brainer at b-source when it comes to customers and colleagues alike.


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